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African Entertainment Awards, USA, Popularly known as AEAUSA is a Non-Profit Organization co-founded in 2015 by Dominic Tamin a Cameroonian-born US Citizen with a team of Young Pan Africanists drawn from different parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The organization is currently headquartered in New Jersey USA with field offices in over 10 Countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

AEAUSA envisages the effective harnessing of Africa’s diverse and immense potential in its arts, music and culture to realization of its fullest potential for:

–        Unification of Africans globally

–        Fostering sustainable livelihoods

–        Being an agent of change i.e participative involvement in national, international and global concerns.

Our vision is modest: Through entertainment, we are creating a New Africa; One free and prosperous Africa for all.

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Aloyce Juma Celebrated at AEAUSA: Global Recognition for Creative Excellence!

Aloyce Juma Celebrated at AEAUSA: Global Recognition for Creative Excellence!

Aloyce Juma Celebrated at AEAUSA: Global Recognition for Creative Excellence!

In a spectacular night at the African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA), Aloyce Juma, recognized as the Creative Director of the Year, seized the spotlight in a live celebration at the iconic Newark Symphony Hall. The visionary founder and Director of Voitcom Limited, a multimedia production company based in Kenya, was presented with the distinguished Award of Recognition, marking a historic moment in Voitcom’s legacy.

President Dominic Tamin orchestrated the glamour and excitement of the evening, personally presenting the award to Mr. Juma on the night of 11/11/2023 at the historic Newark Symphony Hall. The accolade stands as a testament to Juma’s exceptional contributions to the creative industry, solidifying his position as a leader and innovator in multimedia production.

Despite not attending the event in person, the celebration showcased the power of global connectivity, bringing together talents and visionaries from across the African creative landscape. Aloyce Juma’s recognition as the Creative Director of the Year further underscores the international impact of Voitcom Limited.

Reflecting on this achievement, Mr. Juma through social media humbly shared, “I am truly humbled and honored to receive the AEAUSA Award of Recognition. This is not just a recognition of my work but a celebration of the incredible talent and creativity emerging from the vibrant African multimedia landscape.”

The night at Newark Symphony Hall featured captivating performances by a lineup of exceptional artists, including Mr. Patrick, Skales, Harmonize, Safi Diabaté, Iba One, Soul Bang’s, Allienian 2Solo, Banjela, Beniton, Afro-Afriqué, Sandy C Flow, Miri Ben-Ari, William Last KRM, and Vivian Chidid. The dynamic duo, Ini Cash and Ojuolape, skillfully hosted the event, uniting creative minds and transcending geographical boundaries in a celebration of African entertainment.

AEAUSA stands tall with a mission to support, celebrate, and uplift African Entertainment & Achievements on the global stage. The awards ceremony honors artists not only from Africa but also from the Caribbean, recognizing their immense contributions to the vibrant tapestry of African and Caribbean cultures. Additionally, AEAUSA extends its honors to achievers in the economic sector, acknowledging their vital role in shaping a prosperous future.

The vision is modest but profound—through entertainment, AEAUSA is creating a New Africa: one that is free, prosperous, and united for all.

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