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African Entertainment Awards, USA, Popularly known as AEAUSA is a Non-Profit Organization co-founded in 2015 by Dominic Tamin a Cameroonian-born US Citizen with a team of Young Pan Africanists drawn from different parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The organization is currently headquartered in New Jersey USA with field offices in over 10 Countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

AEAUSA envisages the effective harnessing of Africa’s diverse and immense potential in its arts, music and culture to realization of its fullest potential for:

–        Unification of Africans globally

–        Fostering sustainable livelihoods

–        Being an agent of change i.e participative involvement in national, international and global concerns.

Our vision is modest: Through entertainment, we are creating a New Africa; One free and prosperous Africa for all.

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  PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA) Announces Opening of the Voting Process   New Jersey, September 12, 2023   The African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA), one of the most anticipated events in the entertainment industry, is thrilled to announce the commencement of the voting process...

J Balvin clarified his ethnicity after being awarded the Afro-Latino Artist of The Year at the African Entertainment Awards USA. The Colombian artist’s Dec. 26, victory was met with backlash because of his non-Afro-Latino roots, after he was crowned the winner of the category over fellow...