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African Entertainment Awards, USA, Popularly known as AEAUSA is a Non-Profit Organization co-founded in 2015 by Dominic Tamin a Cameroonian-born US Citizen with a team of Young Pan Africanists drawn from different parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The organization is currently headquartered in New Jersey USA with field offices in over 10 Countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

AEAUSA envisages the effective harnessing of Africa’s diverse and immense potential in its arts, music and culture to realization of its fullest potential for:

–        Unification of Africans globally

–        Fostering sustainable livelihoods

–        Being an agent of change i.e participative involvement in national, international and global concerns.

Our vision is modest: Through entertainment, we are creating a New Africa; One free and prosperous Africa for all.

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African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA) Announces Opening of Nomination Process

New Jersey, June 21, 2023

The African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA) is thrilled to announce the opening of the nomination process for the highly anticipated awards ceremony. The AEAUSA is dedicated to support, celebrate and uplift African Entertainment & Achievements in the Global arena. We use the entertainment awards ceremony as a platform, to unite all Africans including those In the Caribbean to showcase an Africa that is united, self-sufficient, willing, and able to evoke social change that matters most in the communities of Africans all over the world.


This year, the prestigious AEAUSA event will take place live on November 11, 2023, at Newark Symphony Hall, 1020 Broad Street Newark, New Jersey 07102. The awards ceremony promises to be a spectacular extravaganza, bringing together the finest talents from the African and the Caribbean entertainment industry.


With the nomination process now open, we invite all members of the general public to participate in recognizing the remarkable achievements of their favorite artists, performers, and influencers. Nominations can be submitted through the official AEAUSA website at www.aeausa.net. This is a unique opportunity for fans, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to have their voices heard and support their favorite African entertainers.


The AEAUSA awards cover a wide range of categories including music, film, fashion, sports, and more. This year, we have introduced exciting new categories to encompass the diverse talent and creativity within the African entertainment industry. The nominations will be carefully reviewed and shortlisted by a distinguished panel of judges comprised of industry experts and professionals.


Mr. Dominic Tamin, the President for AEAUSA, stated, “We are delighted to invite the general public to participate in the nomination process for the African Entertainment Awards, USA. This event serves as a platform to recognize and honor the immense talent within the African and Caribbean entertainment industry. We encourage everyone to visit our website and nominate the artists and entertainers who have made a significant impact in the past year.”


The African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA) is a prominent platform that celebrates the rich cultural heritage and achievements of African artists, while promoting diversity and unity within the entertainment industry.

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Dominic Tamin

President – AEAUSA