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African Entertainment Awards, USA, Popularly known as AEAUSA is a Non-Profit Organization co-founded in 2015 by Dominic Tamin a Cameroonian-born US Citizen with a team of Young Pan Africanists drawn from different parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The organization is currently headquartered in New Jersey USA with field offices in over 10 Countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

AEAUSA envisages the effective harnessing of Africa’s diverse and immense potential in its arts, music and culture to realization of its fullest potential for:

–        Unification of Africans globally

–        Fostering sustainable livelihoods

–        Being an agent of change i.e participative involvement in national, international and global concerns.

Our vision is modest: Through entertainment, we are creating a New Africa; One free and prosperous Africa for all.

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PRESS RELEASE October 16, 2019

PRESS RELEASE October 16, 2019


October 16, 2019



The African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA) is a Non-Profit Organization established in New Jersey USA to support, celebrate and uplift African Entertainment. Using entertainment as a platform, to showcase an Africa that is united, self-sufficient, and willing, and able to evoke social change that matters most in the communities of Africans all over the world.

African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA) has honored African’s excellence since 2015. Held annually in New Jersey, AEAUSA presents over 35 awards during the event. And is the only award giving body to honor practitioners across all crafts and industry sectors, including Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Community Service.


The 5th Annual African Entertainment Awards, USA will be held on October 19th, 2019 at Kupfrian Hall, Jim Wise Theater, NJIT. Newark, New Jersey, RED CARPET STARTS AT 6PM


The event has attracted an overwhelming number of renowned World-class Musicians and Dancers. The following have confirmed their attendance and subsequent Live Performance:

[HOSTS] Eric Omondi, Anita Fabiola & Nyla Tamin

[MUSICIANS] O Jayy, HOOX, Sadé Emoni, Bones, Eddy Kenzo, Yobass, Ferre Gola, Miri Ben-Ari, Nandy, Chetekela, Morachi, Arita, Ms. Bodega, S. dubbz, Etoo Tsana, Prince Bright among others

[DANCERS] Afro-Afriqué

[DJs] Dj Kassava, Dj Dvice & DJ Good Noize


The President [Mr. Dominic Tamin] of African Entertainment Awards, USA is scheduled to make his first historic visit to Kenya on Friday 25th October to Saturday 26th, thereafter he will visit Tanzania and Uganda respectfully. Mr. Tamin has enormous inspiration messages to share during his visit. For this matter; we ask your media house to give him press coverage under your Entertainment or Lifestyle section.

For more information

Email: [email protected] [AEAUSA – Kenya Representative]

CC: [email protected] [AEAUSA Head Office]

Call: 0722306000


by Juma

Head of Communication and Public Affairs